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Custom Sport-Single-Shot Rifles in distribution of RifleOvation.

Sport-SingleShot rifles


Sport-Single shot rifle in 6mm PPC ITA CIP, SIDHE- Trigger, 24″- Bartlein Barrel, Contour Light Varmint, 1:13.5″ tw. Stock made of wood, painted, UIT- rail. Ca. 5.230 Gramm without mount and scope, proofehouse certification in Germany.


Single shot rifle in 6mm Dasher, 32″- Bartlein Barrel, stock walnut with maplewood as a sandwich, low-rider-rails, proofhouse in Germany as a wildcat caliber done.


Conversion of a 98 action from .284 WIN to .284 Shehane and from Lothar Walther barrel to a Bartlein barrel, new F-Class4 stock in volcanic black, pearl effect, satin finish with lowrider rail.


Bartlein barrel with a tuner

Build individually to your liking

Strong solution for F-Class 800 – 1000 yds.


Information Sale offer: AS.H Walküre F-Class System sold cheaply on eligibility to acquire

Action used, caliber .300WSM, new barrel from Lothar Walther, unfortunately not a full 32″ but 800mm long, H2 = 8.70mm, Jewel trigger, stock GFC3 freshly painted in Jägermeister-orange, mount 20 MOA, optics Vortex golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 ECR-1 MOA, new, 30 years guarantee. Due to the known manufacturer’s defects, total price 2,850,- Euros including tax. The rifle can be inspected, as it is used no guarantee and no return. – Sold -.


The new GFC4 Stock, German F-Class4-Stock available, choose you color.

Available caliber for Longrange-Sports or hunting:

6.5-.284 Norma, .284 WIN, .284 Shehane, .308 WIN, .300 WSM, .375 CheyTac etc.

More caliber for up to 300m:

.223 Rem, 6mm BR, 6mm PPC ITA, 6mm Dasher, ask for more.

Barrels can be ordered in different caliber, contour, length and twist.

Choose American barrels or German barrels from Heym or Lothar Walther.


Example for individual painting. RAL 2004


Not all goods offered on the market deserve the designation “master pieces”, and not everyone who bears the title, which actually stands for an obligation, is able to develop their own systems but some of them do it anyway. There are manufacturers here who cannot speak a word of English, so they cannot be familiar with international standards either. The bolt lugs which are to small have to be reworked regularly at the following bolt, because they compress and the action cannot longer be closed. If “rework” becomes a permanent condition, that is not in the sense of the process, but there are fundamentally serious defects. We work with the appropriate partner selection to ensure that this does not happen. We only sell some last but clear defined items of that manufacturer from Bavaria. If we are talking about the slogan of Bavaria which is “with laptop and leather pants” (modern ways of acting but also tradition) we have to ask ourselves which of the two things was missing during the development here? Maybe the leather pants.

Attention, watch for the recalls “TIKKA”, “”.

We and our partners know about the meaning of the word “customer” and we are acting in this spirit.

We protect our customers from “rascals and varmints”, pseudo providers. Please ask for more information’s.