Custom Rifles

Mountain-Rifle .338 Lapua Magnum

High precision hunting-rifle for longrange-hunting built from defined components in the USA.  Components:
4 Area 419 Hellfire Self Timing Muzzle Brake .338 – M18x1 Thread – Black Nitride.





4 Bolt-Action Pacific Tool And Gauge (PTG) based on Remington 700, Bolt Diamond Fluting, cerakoted
4 Trigger SIDHE, Italy, retrofitted in Germany, Picatinny rail 20 MOA
4 Barrel from Bryan Blake, Blake Machine USA (partner) custom made, Marksman Contour, 28″, threaded muzzle M18x1
4 Stock Carbon, AG Composites “Chalk Branch rifle stock – Carbon Bronze Camo -“. Custom made. Anschütz-Rail

Proofhouse carried out in Germany, C.I.P.- standard. Overall weight incl. mount and scope 5.250 Gramm.

Here with ERATAC one piece scope mount and Swarovski Z6i.

Configurate your own Set-Up including caliber.  Price on request


Photos .338 LM by KhEILER, Palatinate

Load test of the Mountain Rifle at 100m / 109yards in Oct 2021. 265gr Barnes LRX BT lead free bullets, Powder Vihtavuori, Lapua brass. A test with Cutting Edge Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point bullets in planning.

US-Actions of your choice

For hunting and sport-shooting can be ordered for complete rifles. Manufacturing in the USA or Germany with individually orderable US- barrels, or barrels from Germany such as Heym AG by our partner “X-OUT Precision”. Proofhouse in Germany according to C.I.P. standard.


Stocks and Accessories from different manufacturers for hunting and sports 


KRG Stocks and Accessories, Kinetic Research Group, LLC. USA




Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks.